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Shahnae’s love for movement began at the young age of 7 when she started dancing at MDX performing arts in Williamstown, Melbourne, Australia. She continued her passion for dance by pursuing a full-time performing arts course at Patrick Studios Australia. However, it was in 2013 when Shahnae discovered her love for Pilates.

After completing her Certificate 3 & 4 in dance and working professionally as a showgirl in shows such as Viva Las Vegas Spectacular and The Ultimate Vegas Show at Crown Casino. In her pursuit of Pilates, Shahnae completed her Certificate 4 in mat work and reformer Pilates with Breathe Education and went on to obtain her Diploma in Clinical Pilates with the same institution.

In Shahnae’s classes, expect to be challenged in a tough but nurturing way, while breaking a sweat and grooving to some funky tunes. Shahnae is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their fitness goals and find joy in movement. Come join her and experience a fun and fulfilling workout.



Denielle is a co-founder of Grind Pilates Co alongside her daughter Shahnae.

Denielle has worked in various Government and private business sectors in administration/management roles, including two of her own businesses. Denielle brings her business management skills to Grind Pilates Co, incorporating her love for Pilates and is thrilled to be a part of something that exudes positiveness in every way possible.

Denielle has always kept herself fit with memberships at various gyms, swimming, bike riding and walking. She believes in positive psychology and that keeping your body active every single day, helps to clear your mind and in turn benefits not only your overall body health but your mental health as well. To promote positive body and mental health is a dream come true for her and she looks forward to sharing Grind Pilates Co with you all.



Tyra’s passion for fitness and movement was sparked by her years of figure skating, which included 7 years of competing and a transition to pairs skating at age 15. She achieved success in her pair skating career, travelling to South Korea, winning state championships, and placing at national championships.

Movement, strength, and mobility have always been a central part of Tyra’s life. In 2017, she discovered lagree Pilates and fell in love with its dynamic and challenging classes, as well as the motivating group environment. This led her to pursue a diploma in strength and conditioning, and she became a certified Pilates teacher in 2018. Since then, Tyra has been dedicated to helping her clients achieve full-body workouts that leave them feeling motivated and energised. Join her classes and get ready for a powerful burn that will inspire you to return to the studio again and again.



Sarah has absolutely adored staying fit and keeping her body active throughout her life. Her love for Pilates began 6 years ago when she first tried a reformer Pilates class. From that moment, she became infatuated with the movement and sequence of Pilates, which offers a gentle yet effective workout suitable for all fitness levels and body types.

When Sarah was younger, she suffered from severe back pain due to scoliosis. She discovered that circuit-style high impact training was no longer suitable for her. She explored various mat and reformer Pilates classes in the western suburbs, and as she committed to the Pilates movement, she noticed the pain in her back gradually disappearing.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sarah made the decision to become an instructor. She wanted to assist and coach individuals who, like herself, had injuries and needed a way to move their bodies without straining the affected area.

Sarah successfully completed her training through Unite Health and is now a qualified Mat & Reformer Pilates instructor. She couldn’t be happier with the knowledge she has gained over the past 2 years and continues to acquire in each class. In Sarah’s classes, you can expect to be challenged to your limits and leave feeling incredible. I guarantee that you will fall in love after your first class!



Teah’s pilates journey began 6 years ago after attending her first reformer Pilates class.

Enjoying the full-body workout she decided to pursue a career within the industry, as a trainer.

Outside of the studio Teah is an avid traveller with a particular affinity for water destinations.

Studying Interior Design full time, Teah enjoys creative pursuits which also comes out in her reformer classes.

Teah’s classes are guaranteed to keep you moving, keep you sweaty and keep you motivated.



Tordz has always been involved in the fitness and sporting industry. From playing high-level rugby league, training in the gym, and now teaching Pilates, he has always had a passion for movement.

After finishing up his career in France playing rugby league, Tordz came across his first reformer Pilates class after a hamstring injury.

He has been training in the gym and always found stretching for extended periods of time boring. Pilates has become his outlet for stretching and building strength through mobility demanding movements, which has helped him develop strength and power through the full range of motion when exercising.

As a male, he was initially intimidated to enter a Pilates studio, but he couldn’t recommend reformer Pilates more. It’s the perfect medicine for any injuries or soreness he experienced from playing rugby for many years and any of his other forms of training demands. 

You can expect to slow it down, build strength and mobility through time under tension in Tordz’s classes.



Tayah embarked on her Pilates journey in 2020 when she joined several class sessions led by Shahnae, the Co-Founder of Grind Pilates Co. Instantly captivated by the unique training style of Grind Pilates Co, she quickly developed a deep passion for it, which has remained unwavering ever since.

In May 2022, Tayah’s dedication and commitment to Pilates led her to become a Grind Pilates Co instructor after completing her Certificate IV in Pilates Mat work & Reformer.

Driven by her desire to uplift and enhance the overall well-being of her clients, Tayah firmly believes in the transformative power of Pilates on both the mind and body. She draws inspiration from witnessing the empowering essence and positive impact Pilates has on all individuals who engage in it. Tayah warmly invites you to join her dynamic Pilates sessions, where she creates a nurturing environment that promotes growth and rejuvenation.



Steph’s relish for anything health and fitness began from a young age, trying all sports while growing up. Her love for pilates started 6 years ago when she first tried a reformer Pilates class to nurse a back injury, and since then has fallen in love with the low impact, but strong feeling you get from a Pilates class.

She loves all things health and wellness and believes it’s key to not only a healthy body but more importantly a healthy mind. She is passionate about all modalities of training however believes Pilates should be apart of fitness regimes for deep muscle activation, to enhance body awareness and the connection between mind, body and breath.

Pursuing her love for pilates, Steph completed her Certificate in Mat and Reformer Pilates with Breathe Education and is currently studying osteopathy, in which she hopes to combine her two passions, using pilates as a means of rehabilitation.



Kimberley fell in love with dancing at the early age of three and always knew she had a passion for performing and moving her body. She danced as an extracurricular throughout her childhood and decided to pursue her love of performing through the Patrick School of the Arts academic high school program. 

After graduating, Kimberley accelerated her training and studies through PSA’s full-time performing arts program and obtained her certificate II, III, and IV in dance. During this time, she was introduced to the art of pilates and instantly fell in love with it. Pilates tied in closely with her first love of dance, and she knew she wanted to develop her skills further.

Kimberley completed her Cert III & IV in mat and reformer pilates through Breathe Education and is excited to pursue a career as a trainer, helping people feel healthy, motivated, and happy both in and out of the studio.



Since a very young age, Rachel has possessed an extraordinary passion for movement and mobility. She dedicated herself to training in various disciplines such as swimming, gymnastics, and dancing. However, it was dance that captured Rachel’s heart, becoming the central focus of her life for a remarkable 15 years.

In 2016, while pursuing her Diploma of Musical Theatre, Rachel encountered a challenging setback—an unfortunate back injury. Determined to overcome this obstacle, she turned to Reformer Pilates as a means of rehabilitation. Rachel was captivated by the way Pilates not only strengthened her muscles but also gently stretched her body through fluid and graceful movements. What Rachel cherishes most about Pilates is its emphasis on the profound connection between the mind and body, something that brings a unique and transformative experience to each individual.

Recently, Rachel accomplished her Certificate IV in Pilates Matwork & Reformer with Unite Health. She eagerly anticipates sharing her extensive knowledge and witnessing the progress of those she assists on their own transformative journeys.



Kate is a professional dancer and found her love for reformer Pilates early on in her career. She went on to study full time dance after high school where she earned her Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management and a Diploma in Musical Theatre. Since then she has been working as a professional dancer in the commercial dance scene.

Falling in love with Pilates came naturally for Kate as it compliments her dance training, her desire to become an instructor grew from there.

Kate has been an instructor since completing her Pilates training in 2019, and is so excited to have joined the Grind Family.

In Kates classes you can expect a dynamic workout that leaves you feeling strong and powerful.



Ellies journey with pilates began during her high school years, when she stumbled upon this incredible fitness method that resonated with her. It all started with online mat classes that she could do at home, which quickly became a part of her daily routine. However, the real turning point came when she decided to try out a reformer class. She vividly remembers how sore she felt after her first session, but she was also instantly hooked. From that day on, she made it a personal mission to attend multiple classes each week.

Ellies love for pilates led her to pursue a certification in this amazing discipline, and in July 2022, she proudly became a certified pilates instructor through Unite Health. Since then, she’s never looked back. Ellie absolutely adores being able to infuse my passion for movement and pilates into my work, watching her clients flourish and grow as they attend her classes.

Ellie is thrilled to be part of the Grind Family!



Bianca's lifelong passion for movement ignited at the tender age of 4 when she first set foot in a gymnastics class. Her early years were a whirlwind of cartwheels and somersaults, and the thrill of movement never left her. It was during her very first Pilates class that the pieces of her life fell into place. Bianca knew that Pilates was the perfect medium to channel her childhood passion into her adult life.
Today, Bianca is not only a dedicated Pilates instructor but also a student of Naturopathy. Her studies have reinforced her belief that "movement is medicine," and she is deeply appreciative of the opportunity to teach Pilates as an integral part of her holistic practice.
In Bianca's classes, you can anticipate a lively, fast-paced, and dynamic workout. She thrives on the challenge and personal growth that comes with every step of her clients' Pilates journey. Join her as she guides you through a holistic approach to movement and well-being.